Viseart Eye Shadow Palette

A coveted professional eyeshadow palette that can be used for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes, brows, and the contours of the face.

01 Neutral Matte - 01 Neutral Mattes is our all time bestselling palette! This iconic, core neutral palette features beige and brown tones that are ideal for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes, brows, or facial contours. A true artist’s staple! 

02 Boheme - This palette is made from reflective pigments and delivers an unexpected metallic finish! Features bohemian, electric hues in golds, greens, fuchsia, and blues for transformative eye looks. From opaque to a sheer wash, they can be applied wet or dry for a vibrant effect. 

03 Bridal Satin - 03 Bridal Satin features soft, satin-textured shadows perfect for smooth, even application.  These shadows are ideal for adding light and dimension to any special occasion look.

04 Dark Matte - 04 Dark Mattes features 12 rich and dramatic matte shades that add depth to any eye look. Be inspired by the navies, wines, rich browns, and deep golden colors. 

05 Sultry Muse - 05 Sultry Muse feature 12 opulent shades in satin and metallic finishes.  Use them to highlight and define with a subtle glow or create show-stopping smoky eyes.

06 Paris Nudes - 06 Paris Nudes is a sophisticated palette that features 12 satin and shimmery shadows that range in color from sage, to smoky plum, to soft rose gold. Create looks that are haute couture with these refined, Paris Fashion Week inspired shades.

08 Editorial Matte - Rich pigments transfer flawlessly to the skin. Use these bright shades with a touch of water for accents and eyeliner. Combine with other Viseart eyeshadows to customize shades. This palette contains every bright color you could ever need. 

09 Bijoux Royal - 09 Bijoux Royal is a rich and majestic palette, hailing the bygone era of luxurious velvets and regal gemstones. These shades combine seamlessly to create a shimmering, regal look. 

10 Warm Mattes - An artist's dream, these shades are unique, 2017 fashion-forward warm neutral mattes—directly from the fashion houses of Paris. 

11 Cool Mattes 2 - Encased in the new 20th Anniversary SlimPro magnetic compact, this palette contains 12 perfectly saturated matte shades with cool undertones.  Cool Mattes 2 has been reinterpreted into a wider range of complimentary shades in dusty blues, rose, lavender, blue violets, slate and essential browns.

Grande Pro Volume I - A 30-pan palette of highly pigmented matte eyeshadows. Viseart’s coveted artists’ palette, reinterpreted for professionals and makeup junkies alike. This palette features 30 shades, 24 new and 6 iconic shades, for defining and sculpting eyes, brows, and cheekbones. These universally flattering shades are magnetized, allowing for easy customization for the artist who requires flexibility. Pans are housed within Viseart’s iconic, convertible packaging with folding easel and are laid out to support global skin.

Grande Pro Volume 2 - Features six new Viseart formulas developed over two years featuring new pigment technology and prismatic glitters. From Crystalline Highlights, Prismatic Metallics, and Chromatic Foils, to Luxe Metallics, Celestial Duo-Chromes, and Glittering Toppers, this palette has been thoughtfully developed and systematically designed to work effortlessly for a global audience. All within reach - from the individually magnetized pans, folding easel palette with full sized mirror to the luxe palette covering - the GRANDE PRO - VOLUME 2 delivers full impact with endless creativity.

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