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Alco Colour Pro Palette

Do you love doing Special Effects and Character makeup or do you love to cover tattoos with ease and have that coverage last all day? Perhaps you need to paint onto hair to either get rid of grey or create something new temporarily? If this sounds like you then you need these palettes! This is what the pros use.

This product is a vinyl paint that is activated with either 99% or 70% alcohol and applied as you would a water colour paint. You can take the paint from incredibly translucent to opaque when you layer it. When it dries, it is flexible, waterproof, buildable and long lasting. We have generously filled each well of pigment to ensure longevity and made it conveniently in a pocket sized palette that fits nicely in your back pocket. 

All ingredients are FDA approved so you know this paint is safe, it is celiac-friendly, vegan-friendly and peanut-free. 

Palette Size: 4" x 3-2/5" x 1/2" (10.10 x 8.55 x 1.33 cm) 
Well Size: (LxW) 1-1/3 x 1-2/3" 

All our Alco Colours are hand made in the USA. They are Vegan and Celiac Friendly and all pigments have been FDA approved. We have photographed them wet in order to convey the true colours you can experience in application. However, you may notice some small air bubbles within each paint in the palette. This is due to our manufacturing process ensuring the pigments are evenly dispersed. This does not affect the overall weight of paint, nor does it affect the performance and density of pigment and is part of the curing process.
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