4K Longwear Creme Pro Palette

Do you wish your foundation would survive humidity and last all day? Would you like to be able to make it so sheer that you still see skin, or build it up and make it fuller in coverage? Would you like to be able to cover tattoos and have that coverage last all day and look like skin? Or would you like to paint prosthetics with it and thin it down with 99% alcohol to create a translucent paint? All of this is possible with our gorgeous 4K Longwear Creme palettes. Perfect for Movie Makeup. Perfect for Fashion. Perfect for Bridal. Perfect for Tattoo Coverage. Perfect for FX. Perfect for You. No powder needed to set them either! 

For the first time in the pro cosmetic community there is an alcohol-free product that can be applied in conjuction with prosthetic appliances and our Alco Colour Pro Palettes to bridge the gap between a vinyl paint and creme to skin colour. It is our 4K Longwear Creme Palettes. We hope you love them as much as we do. 

Waterproof . Humidity Proof . Friction Proof . Buildable. No Cracking . No Flaking Paraben-Free. Vegan-Friendly. Celiac-Friendly. Peanut-Free. Made In Canada. 

Palette Size: 4" x 3-2/5" x 1/2" (10.10 x 8.55 x 1.33 cm) 
Well Size: (LxW): 3/4 x 1-2/3".
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