4K Lipwear Pro Palette

Our 4K Lipwear Palettes are absolutely divine. Designed to elevate your vibration with pure creme pigment whilst complimenting your skin tone. Not only do we have  formulas that are pigment rich and classicly creamy to soft matt, but we have filled each of the ten wells as generously as possible to ensure you get the equivalent of 2.5 lipsticks each time. So each palette renders you the equivalent of 25 lipcolours!

You Have Four Options:

VIBRATO: A Palette of feminine French and Italian Reds and Pinks to pay homage to the heyday of 50's movie icons. Each Lipwear is colour saturated to ensure timeless beauty with creamy and mattified options .

NUDISM: A Palette of soft nude Lipwear colours that work for every ethnicity. Each shade is in a classic creamy formula and pigment rich. Works beautifully as a creme cheek too!

RADIANCE: A Palette of delicately soft shimmering creamy Lipwear. Use  as a lip colour on its own, or blend with regular lipstick to jazz it up. Also can use on the face as creamy highlighter.

EXOTICA: A Palette of mysterious and beguiling lip colour. You will have a combination of softly matt and classic cremey lip colour to enhance your inner vampishness.

Apply with a springy lip brush for seamless blending and accuracy or a softer brush just going slightly over the lip line for that just been kissed finish. Unleash Your inner movie star!


Palette Size: 4" x 3-2/5" x 1/2" (10.10 x 8.55 x 1.33 cm) 
Well Size: (LxW): 3/4 x 1-2/3"

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